About Us

We at Kari On Shiba Inus and Bengal Cats are dedicated to breeding the multipurpose dogs and Cats: a dog and cat that are beautiful and both sound in mind and body. We have bred many AKC conformation champions, AKC obedience titled dogs, many registered therapy and service Shibas and the perfect companion. We have also imported many Japanese Shiba Inus. We show and breed these Japanese treasures here in the United States of America.

Our Karion Bengals come from three of the top Champion producing countries, America, Russia and Poland. They are all from Top producing and health testing catteries.

We pride ourselves on breeding and showing dogs and Cats with excellent temperaments and the healthiest animals possible. We OFA hips, patella’s, elbows and eyes on all our Shibas. www.offa.org has a program for all breeders that do ALL their health testing. Those dogs get a CHIC number. Feel free to browse all our dogs’ health certs.

Our Bengals are all tested against PK deficiency and Bengal PRA. All our cats are HCM (heart) tested.

We strive to bring to you a dog and cat that would both win your heart as well as win in the show ring.

That is a Kari On Shiba Inu and Bengal cat

We are in Sunny North West Phoenix Arizona. We have owned, shown, bred and loved Shiba Inu's for 18 years Bengals for 2 years. We have Finished many dogs’ championships ourselves or with the help of a few good friends. Now our daughter Tamara " Kari On's" the tradition. She is handling dogs for us and others. She is very successful in the show ring.

I am the one showing the Bengal cats. I am making many new friends while showing my beautiful cats in TICA shows.
Please enjoy browsing through our lives and the lives of friends and family.

You are welcome to call or text us at (661)860-3184